About us

AK Engineering Consultants is a Grade 1 engineering firm. As a local trusted firm for design, planning, consulting and project management has the resources, depth of know-how, and experience to help clients achieve strategic and operational goals.

AK Engineering Consulting was established in 2006 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as an architectural office. With time, we have expanded our scope to offer comprehensive architecture, engineering, healthcare, power plant and solar energy services from early project planning through implementation and maintenance. We are focused on achieving customer satisfaction by delivering sustainable projects through cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Our vision

As an established and trusted architecture-engineering-consulting firm in the local market, we look to the future to use our innovative design and sustainable engineering solutions to successfully provide integrated architecture, engineering, and consulting services measured against the highest standards in our field. We have developed the following objectives to support and propel our vision.


Employ dedicated experts of architecture and engineering, either locally or foreign, to deliver innovative projects and efficient solutions.
Implement and utilize the latest technologies to empower our staff with analysis and visualization tools that enhance the technical understanding of a project.
Establish highest level of client satisfaction by maintaining continuous communication and by providing efficient, economic, and custom solutions specific for each client.
Continuously improve and perfect our services through evaluation and professional development.


Sustainability is a core value of the AK Engineering Consulting mission, influencing every aspect of our services, vision, and objectives. At AK Engineering Consulting, we have integrated our sustainability philosophy into planning, design, and execution. We are passionate about producing projects that are original, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint while still providing our clients with the best possible solutions in the field.